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steph thompson

August 8, 2019

The service and craftsmanship at Enchanted Jewelry is beyond reproach. The owners stand behind their work. They have repaired numerous items for me and have gone above and beyond. The fact that they can do all repairs and rhodium plating in house is a huge plus, as many jewelers now send out for repairs and rhodium plating potentially losing your treasured piece. Stop purchasing from big box stores and shop local where you can be confident in your purchase and know you can drop in anytime for cleanings and prong checks etc. Enchanted Jewelry is an assett to the community and I am so pleased that Joe has decided to continue in his Grandpa's footsteps.

Martin DeJesus

October 9, 2017

This place is amazing! Best customer service experience ever. Jill and Joe are some of the nicest people I've ever met truthfully. If you are considering any new piece of jewelry this is definitely the place to go to. Just a great overall experience. Also there are rumors of this place closing down which aren't true haha So definitely head down and check them out and get to meet the amazing individuals who run Enchanted Jewelry (:

Joyce Kovacs

September 22, 2017

Very nice people. The owner introduces herself to you and makes a point if calling customers by name. Always very helpful, with a smile The jewelry is beautiful and not extremely expensive.

Christine Naro

June 11, 2018

Very good customer service and best repairer for broken jewelry. Best around.

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Noah G.


First off, I will start by saying I rarely recommend any business 110%. Enchanted Jewelry manages to make me smile every time I deal with them. I recently...READ MORE

Jay A.


To buy or repair jewelry, this is one of the BEST places I know of -- to the extent that I recently asked my father to bring some of my watches repaired...READ MORE

Ann E.


I love this family jewelry store. I have had many repairs (watch links removed, batteries replaced, ring guard put on ring) done there while I wait and...READ MORE